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Subject: To big ?
Posted by:  Crimson Rider (rid…
Date: Tue, 24 Feb 2004

I am trying to construct an UDP server / client application, however now I
keep running into the problem that even on localhost each and everry
sendbuffer command I try is not coming through if it is bigger then a
certain size, about 1400 bytes or larger.

So if i do

UDPClient->SendBuffer(&DataGram, sizeof(UDPDataGram));

And the the UDPDataGram is about 1400 bytes or smaller it works perfectly,
but if it's bigger it always fails. I have tried tweaking around with the
buffer and timeout settings on both the client and server UDP, but it
doesn't work. In the past I had no trouble sending 75.000 byte buffers
across UDP, but now it flat out refuses to receive it. Small buffer, large
buffer, short, long or infinite timeout, no effect.

With a monitor I can see that a UDP datagram of say 2040 bytes is written,
but it is never received. This is all on localhost by the way, smaller
datagrams do go well.

Can anyone tell me what my mistake is ?

Crimson Rider