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Subject: Re: How to Save Multipart Messages
Posted by:  Klaus Kirchhoff (k.kirchho…
Date: Thu, 26 Feb 2004

Klaus Kirchhoff schrieb:

> Hi, I would like to save "Multipart Messages" When I save a "Multipart
> Messages" like xMsg.SaveToFile('C:\NEW.MSG') or I save it to s Stream
> xMsg.SaveToStream(xStream) then I can´t load the full Message, the
> Attachtments are not correct? How I have to handle it?

Sorry I Posted it two time!

Thank you for your anther. I used the demoprogramm
"SaveandLoadMessage" it works correkt. But when I
have downloadet a email via Retrieve(const MsgNum: Integer; AMsg:
TIdMessage), and save via AMsg.SaveToFie or AMsg.SaveToStream, it
will not work. Now I have create a new TIdMessage object and copy
the values to the new object and it wil work corectly. I do not know
where my misteke is?



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