TIdMappedPortTCP doesn't work for me

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Subject: TIdMappedPortTCP doesn't work for me
Posted by:  dumb (sitemast…@NOSPAMgmx.li)
Date: Fri, 27 Feb 2004

I just have installed latest Indy10 (downloaded ZIP archive from
ftp://indy.fulgan.com) and trying to create simple proxy app (Delphi7/XP
Pro). I started new app, drop TIdMappedPortTCP on form and set options as

DefaultPort = 2525
MappedPort = 25
MappedHost =
Active = True

I start my app, run Telnet and type "open 2525", but it
immediately rejects the connection and displays "Press any key to
continue..." then after key press Telnet exit. If I connect directly to 25
port (where my mail server up and running) everything is OK. Also, when I
close my app "Access violation" error appears. An error doesn't appear if I
don't attempt connect via Telnet. Do I need some additional components to
use with TIdMappedPortTCP?