IdMappedPort and Indy10

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Subject: IdMappedPort and Indy10
Posted by:  Mattias Fagerlund (
Date: Mon, 1 Mar 2004


I've been trying to get to grips with Indy10, and though I have a lot yet to
learn, I thought I'd point out these bugs I found. I'm using the latest zip
version of Indy10 from I'll try to be as specific as
possible, so that the bugs can be tracked down easily -  I hope I don't
report any "bugs" that are actually mistakes on my part, but that's always a

When opening a mapped port connection, an exception is raised on this line;

(line 366, IdMappedPortTCP.pas)
      TIdIOHandlerSocket(FOutboundClient.IOHandler).ConnectTimeout :=

because IOHandler is nil at that time.

Adding the lines

      if not Assigned(FOutboundClient.IOHandler) then

right before the offending line removes the problem.

The next issue is that "FConnectTimeOut" (TIdMappedPortContext) defaults to
IdTimeoutDefault (-1) - but that's not an acceptable value, which leads to
another exception.

So I hard coded that to 2000 to continue my testing - I wasn't sure what the
value was supposed to be.

Now things run, but if I stop the server after having served data through
it, it crashes with an undetermined AV.

Lastly, if I hook up a thread pool and start the server, it crashes when I
stop it even if I don't serve any data through it. I'm including my test
program that demonstrates the issues  reported. You will need to alter your
IdMappedPortTCP as specified to make it run at all.

with regards,