IdSchedulerOfThreadPool issues

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Subject: IdSchedulerOfThreadPool issues
Posted by:  Mattias Fagerlund (
Date: Wed, 3 Mar 2004


IdSchedulerOfThreadPool  raises exception when deactivating server
I reported a bug previously where adding a IdSchedulerOfThreadPool scheduler
would make the IdMappedPort AV on closing - even if no connections had been
made. It turns out that all servers behave like this, including the HTTP
server. I was unable to pinpoint why this happens, so I can't give any
further information. But it seems like the TCP server tries to terminate a
lot of threads even though none have been created?

My simplest case was just adding a HTTP server and a IdSchedulerOfThreadPool
to a form and hooking them up. Activating and then deactivating will raise
an exception.

Contexts are never freed?
When running with the IdSchedulerOfThreadPool, contexts are never freed.
Placing a breakpoint on both context create and destroy confirm that new
contexts are indeed created for each request, but they're never freed. If I
try running without IdSchedulerOfThreadPool, destroy gets called. Again I
was unable to pinpoint why this happens, because I couldn't figure out when
the context was supposed to be freed. ;)

(I downloaded the latest from right before
writing this email, and I then recompiled all the packages)

with regards,