Re: IdSchedulerOfThreadPool issues

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Subject: Re: IdSchedulerOfThreadPool issues
Posted by:  Mattias Fagerlund (
Date: Wed, 3 Mar 2004

I noticed that the AV bug had been reported in the winsock forum, and Chad
says he fixed it "last night". The version of IdTCPServer.pas that I used
has this comment, I'm not sure if it's the latest one or not?

{  Rev 1.58    2004.03.01 5:12:40 PM  czhower
{ -Bug fix for shutdown of servers when connections still existed (AV)
{ -Implicit HELP support in CMDserver
{ -Several command handler bugs
{ -Additional command handler functionality.

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IdSchedulerOfThreadPool issues posted by Mattias Fagerlund on Wed, 3 Mar 2004