IdFTP Send/Rcv buffers

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Subject: IdFTP Send/Rcv buffers
Posted by:  Sam (sa…
Date: Thu, 11 Mar 2004


I use IdFTP to do allow my end users to do IdFtp.get, put and list of their
files to an in-house web site. They put and retrieve files between their
machines and my "web server".  My "web server" is just a computer I have on
site that is supported by an IP router service.  I don't think it is what
you would call an "FTP Server"?

What I am wondering about is the buffersize settings of the Indy FTP
component in my app that my end users use.  What effect do the buffersize
setting have for RecvBufferSize and SendBufferSize have on them as they do
gets, puts and list?  How about the Timeout?