Indy won't install... :-(

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Subject: Indy won't install... :-(
Posted by:  Andrea Raimondi (rainap…
Date: Mon, 22 Mar 2004


Trying to Install 9.14 with no luck in D6.
It at first said that there was an undeclared identifier which
really was declared in the proper place( a resource string inside
IdResourceStrings ).

Now I deleted ALL of Indy DCP, DCU stuff from Lib folder and it
requires me baseclx!!!!!!!!!!

Heck, I've NO clue about what's going on and - trust me - I've
installed *lots* of components.

So now my question is: has any of you a CLUE about what's
happening over here? Do I need an exorcist or what?
Please I'm desperate, I need Indy for an application and that
software can't be developed without it!

Thanx for your understanding and hopefully someone will
shed some light in this desperating dark...