Re: Indy won't install... :-(

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Subject: Re: Indy won't install... :-(
Posted by:  jurekl (jure…
Date: Tue, 23 Mar 2004

Hello Andrea,
> Hello,
> Trying to Install 9.14 with no luck in D6.
> ...
> Now I deleted ALL of Indy DCP, DCU stuff from Lib folder and it
> requires me baseclx!!!!!!!!!!

"baseclx" is referenced in 'indy.dpk' and 'dclindy.dpk' only and these
packages are fit for Kylix !

Why you do not install 'Indy60.dpk', the version for D6 ???



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Indy won't install... :-( posted by Andrea Raimondi on Mon, 22 Mar 2004