Re: There is a sleep() call in idGlobal!

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Subject: Re: There is a sleep() call in idGlobal!
Posted by:  Martin James (mjames_falc…
Date: Tue, 23 Mar 2004

"Martin James" <mjames_falc…> wrote in message
> I've just found out that many of my units are calling this instead of
> Windows.sleep:

I found that idGlobal was included in the implmentation section uses clause.
I commented it out & my main unit still compiled.  I don't know why it was
in there  - it's an app I'm maintaining/enhancing.

Now I have to test a load of stuff over again to see if it's inclusion, and
hence the calls to idGlobal.sleep, were required for some reason or not.

It appears that Indy did not automatically add this unit to the interface
section - it was some madness dreamed up by Mr. One-thread
processMessagesHead that originally coded the app.  <resigned sigh>




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There is a sleep() call in idGlobal! posted by Martin James on Tue, 23 Mar 2004