Telnet Client/Server problem

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Subject: Telnet Client/Server problem
Posted by:  Marco (*N!O!S!P!A!M*marc…
Date: Thu, 25 Mar 2004

I am a beginner of Indy and needs help with Client/Server demos.
I have compiled the Telnet Client/Server demos (Indy demos produced by the
Indy Demo Team).
But if the server comes closed while the client is still activate, I don't
succeed more to close the client.
Apparently the window is closed but the process staies activate.
I am able it only close with Crtl-Alt-Del -> (Task Manager Windows)
Terminate Process.
How am able obviate to this ?

I use Indy 9 with Delphi Professional V. 4.0 Update pack 3, S.O. Windows XP

thank you very much, Marco.

E-mail replies are welcome.
Tanks, Marco.

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