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Subject: Re: Socket Error #10054
Posted by:  Ron (
Date: Sun, 28 Mar 2004

I guess it depends on where-abouts in the protocol exchange the connection
is being reset.  Its reasonably clear to me that you are not giving the
server what it wants - maybe login/password, maybe the sender address is not
recongnised, maybe the to address in not on the domain ...maybe try to look
at the messages being exchanged to determine whats going on.

Sorry, thats the best I can do on so little info.


"mark" <cmsmas…> wrote in message
> I really need help and quick please -
> I have a Intraweb application built with delphi7
> Their is a form on this application that sends an email to my email
> using idSMTP and idMessage.
> when i test this form on my computer it works fine and i recieve the
> when i put the application on a remote server and run it through the web
> brow i allways get the error -
> 'socket error #10054 connection reset by peer' - why would this happen?
> I need this rtesolved by tonight as the web site is going live!!!
> I dont know where to start with this problem!
> All help is greatly apreciated
> Regards Mark


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