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Subject: Re: HL7 question
Posted by:  Jimmie (j…
Date: Tue, 30 Mar 2004


I my limited experience with third party clients.  The third party
clients would not attempt to send a message unless the connection was
active.  If my server was down the as soon as it came up the messages
would start streaming in.  If they sent a message and did not get the
appropriate acknowledgment it would stay in the que.  If you are writing
  a client the hl7client has a property connected

  If hl7client.Connected Then
    // send message
  else ShowMessage('Not Connected to Server..');

Jimmie Shahan

dave wrote:
> Hello all,
> I have written an hl7 server. I am very new to hl7.
> Let's say i have a customer that can broadcast hl7 data to my server from a
> client app. If my app(server) is not running, what happens to the data? Will
> the client continue to try and send until a connection is made and my server
> sends a response?
> We are worried that if my server gets disconnected we may lose important
> data.
> Also, can my server exe be run as a service? This may help to ensure
> connectivity. If so, how? If you could not tell already i am also new to
> services.
> Any help anyone can give would be greatly appreciated.
> Thanks in advance,
> Dave


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