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Subject: Re: Need help with TIDMessage.loadfromStream
Posted by:  glup (
Date: Thu, 15 Apr 2004

>    I want to load a message file save from Outlook.  I know that Outlook
> does not add the <cr><lf>.<cr><lf> at the end and I would like to know how
> to add it to the stream before loading it.
Outlook? If you are talking about Microsoft Outlook and not Outlook Express
than there is no possiblity to safe a received or send message as an
RFC822/2822 compilant Message.

Microsoft Outlook has no idea of RFC822/2822. It is fully based on MAPI.
MAPI Services convert incomming or outgoing messages from or to other
formats as RFC822/2822 and many other (Exchange, X.400, Domino, ...) and
handling the comunication with servers to receive or send messages.

Outlook provides export of Messages as *.txt or *.msg. The first only
contains the text body (possiby converted from RTF or HTML). The second is a
binary IStorage/IStream based file format defined by MAPI. Beside that you
could of cause export other discret message parts as attachments.



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