D7 Install Question

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Subject: D7 Install Question
Posted by:  J. Clarke (jclar…@docstorsys.NOSPAMcom)
Date: Fri, 30 Apr 2004

Just got around to downloading Indy 9.0.14.....

...Removed packages from IDE.
.....Removed all files in Delphi7\Source\Indy directory.
.......Removed all *Indy*.bpl files found on my system.
So far so good.
Unzip new files into Delphi7\Source\Indy directory.
Open the file dclIndy70.dpk do a compile & install.
...Components successfully installed.

Open new project, drop an indy client component onto my form, right-click on
component shows:
Indy Version 9.0.13 - Arrrggh!

Search my system for all *indy*.bpl files again, check the version via
properties and they show 9.0.14.

Ok, either I missed a step or the about shows the wrong version possibly?

Would someone point me in the correct direction please?

Thanks in advance!