Need a little direction Please with http

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Subject: Need a little direction Please with http
Posted by:  Ed (edatho…
Date: Wed, 5 May 2004

I have a CallAccounting programs that works with telephone systems via the
serial port.  This works great.  Now I have to update the code to get the
call records via http at a certain Ip address and port 1000.

The vendor says all I have to do is open the connection and I should receive
the data.  Sounds simple, but it sounds to simple.

Would I use a idHttpClient component or another component ?
Last night I used one, set the ip and port and did idhttp1.Get(theip) and it
didn't work.
Should I be using Get ? and does Get do a connect and then a get ?

Sorry for the newbie questions.  I've done alot with FTP and EMail but never

Thanks Again,