ProxyType.fpcmTransparent question

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Subject: ProxyType.fpcmTransparent question
Posted by:  Glenn Carr (
Date: Fri, 21 May 2004

With our previous component we were required to handle a custom sequence of
commands in order to login to a proxy our previous component didn't support.
Basically, we would send a standard login sequence to the server (not the
proxy host) with the _proxy_ username and _proxy_ password.  We would then
send the regular username and password.  After looking at the 9.0 docs, this
appears to be the sequence sent when fpcmTransparent is used:

fpcmTransparent - Sends the ProxySettings Username and optional Password,
followed immediately by the FTP client Username and optional password.

Is that correct?  Are the initial ProxySettings user/pass sent to the target
host (not the proxy)?