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Subject: Re: TIdFTP
Posted by:  Thomas Zangl (usen…
Date: Fri, 28 May 2004

Peter wrote:


> when i`m trying to resume FTP downloading - my file is corrupted
> (downloading without resume - is ok!). why?
> PS: CBuilder6, Indy 9.0.14

Are you sure you seek to the appropriate position inside the file? How
do you write / append data to the file? I saw clients, that do a "roll
back" means they cut off the last e.g. 4 KBytes of the file and then
resumed from this position.

I would do this:

<write to file, block wise ... >
<download is interrupted>
<on resume, take the filesize - 4096 bytes, start a resume from there>
<open the file and ",soFromEnd)">
<further downloading...>



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