Try to compile Indy 10 in Delphi 5.

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Subject: Try to compile Indy 10 in Delphi 5.
Posted by:  Marcel Horsthuis (marc…
Date: Sun, 30 May 2004


I try to install Indy 10 manually in Delphi 5.

I followed the instructions of Indy10Install.html

First I got the error message package "rtl" not found. After deleting this
in the Requires part of the package I could compile but now I get the
message "File not found idCoreRegister.dcu". When I look at the file list

I find an idRegisterCore.pas (notice the difference) but not an

Is this a mistype or where can I find the idCoreRegister.pas file.

Thanks in advance

Marcel Horsthuis