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Subject: Re: Kylix Update Help
Posted by:  Ciaran Costelloe (ccostell…
Date: Fri, 4 Jun 2004

"Antony Harris" <Anto…> wrote in message
> I have downloaded "Indy_9_00_14_src.tar.gz" and unpacked the files on my
> RedHat Linux box. However, I cannot find any documentation or help in
> installing this version into Kylix
> Can anyone point me in the right direction please?
> Antony

The procedure should be similar to a manual install of Indy 9.  I used to get the latest Indy 9 files.  The following _may_
help, they are my own notes on a manual Indy 9 install: allow for the fact
that the paths will be different in Linux, and that I refer to Delphi
instead of Kylix, but I think it should help (it looks particularly odd
because I have edited out info that is not relevant to you).  If you get
errors, report them here exactly, and while you may be told the equivalent
Windows answer, it should be possible to infer the corresponding Linux

BTW, I think automatic installers will be available at a later date :-)


0)  Make sure the environment path (& any Delphi 7 override) does not refer
to old locations of Indy 9 stuff.

1)  First, remove or don't install the old Indy.  If doing a new
installation of Delphi: do a custom install, and uncheck Indy.  If Indy is
already installed: in Delphi, click Component -> Install Packages -> click
Internet Direct (Indy) for D7 -> click Remove.

2)  In C:\Program Files\Borland\Delphi7\Source, rename Indy to Indy_old.  In
C:\Program Files\Borland\Delphi7\Lib, remove any Indy.dcp, Indy.dcu files or
Id*.dcu files.  In C:\Program Files\Borland\Delphi7\Lib\Debug, remove any
Id*.dcu files.  In C:\Program Files\Borland\Delphi7\Bin, remove any
DclIndy*.bpl or DclIndy*.map files.  In \WinNT\System, make sure there is no
Finally search for Indy70.bpl or IndyCore70.bpl ANYWHERE and delete/rename
them (they may well be in \Program Files\...\Delphi 7\XXX).

3)  Create a directory c:\MyProgs\Delphi\IndyImap\Source,

4)  FTP the latest files from and put them in

5)  In Delphi, do Tools -> Environment Options -> Library Tab -> Library
Path -> click the little ... button, remove any old paths to Indy9 or
Indy10, then:

For Indy 9 add c:\MyProgs\Delphi\IndyImap\Source\Indy90 to the TOP of the

Empty both the BPL Output Directory and DCP Output Directory edits (they
will have held $(DELPHI)\Projects\Bpl), otherwise Delphi may dump things
there.  JP suggested I remove $(DELPHI)\Projects\Bpl from the Library path,
but I did not do this.

6)  If you have two versions of Delphi installed (e.g. D7 and D8), then open
the files in the following from File -> Open in Delphi instead of

6a) For only using Indy at run-time (no components on palette):

Indy 9: For Indy 9, compile & install dclIndy70.dpk and compile Indy70.dpk.



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