Re: Problem with Indy 10 installation

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Subject: Re: Problem with Indy 10 installation
Posted by:  Ciaran Costelloe (ccostell…
Date: Mon, 14 Jun 2004

"Peter Eriksson" <pet…> wrote in message
> Hello,
> I´m trying to install indy 10 but get compilation error: undeclared
> identifier StringToTIn4Addr in unit IdIPMCastClient, package
> IndyProtocols70.
> Any ideas ?
> Regards,
> Peter Eriksson

Hi Peter.

Bit of a bizarre problem with StringToTIn4Addr, it was declared abstract and
should have caused an abstract error.  Anyway, I just checked in new
IdIPMCastClient and IdIPMCastServer files to avoid the issue, but I cannot
test them here.  Can you please download them and see if they resolve the




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Problem with Indy 10 installation posted by Peter Eriksson on Mon, 14 Jun 2004