Non-Echo type Response Error on PING

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Subject: Non-Echo type Response Error on PING
Posted by:  Campbell Fuller (campbellfatbearingmandotcodotza)
Date: Tue, 22 Jun 2004


Using D6 Enterprise and Indy 9.0.11

I have an application that uses the TIdIcmpClient and TIdTelnet components.
The first is used to PING a SpecialX device and the second to establish a
TELNET connection to the SpecialX device and issue a reboot command
(providing the ping is successful).

I am constantly getting an error - NON ECHO TYPE RESPONSE - on the ping
which effectively crashes the application. What causes the error in the
first place I hoenestly don't know and would appreciate any comments on
that. More importantly, I would like to know exactly how to trap the NON
ECHO error and handle the exception properly.

For informations sake, we have approximately 100 of these SpecialX devices
dotted around the country and the program simply runs through the list
pinging and then rebooting each one after another. This is done every day
before start of business. Unfortunately, the above error crashes or stops
the application and quite often the full cycle cannot be completed.

I would appreciate any advice anyone may have.


campbell fuller