Can't compile Indy Plus?

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Subject: Can't compile Indy Plus?
Posted by:  Jonas Hjordie (nightcreati…
Date: Thu, 24 Jun 2004

Hmm.. I am using the latest Indy Plus B18 with Automated Install, but it
can't compile when I'm using the source files. It seems like some of the
files (IdStreamVCLBase.pas and IdStream.pas) are from different builds.
TidStreamVCLBase overrides a method from TdStream which is NOT virtual, so
it says "cannot override a static method".

[Cut from the Indy 10 source files:]

  TIdStreamVCLBase = class(TIdStreamRandomAccess)
    function ReadLn(AMaxLineLength: Integer = -1; AExceptionIfEOF: Boolean =
FALSE): string; override;

  TIdStream = class(TObject)
    //TODO: Old ones! Migrate
    class function  ReadLn(AStream:TStream; AMaxLineLength: Integer = -1;
AExceptionIfEOF: Boolean = FALSE): String;