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Subject: Re: SIP for VoIP
Posted by:  Frank Shearar (frank.shear…
Date: Tue, 29 Jun 2004

"Matthias Knoke" <Matthias.Kno…> wrote in message
> Hallo,
> what is the easiest way to handle the SIP protocol for VoIP-transmission ?
> Is there any Indy component available, that can support this  ?
> Thanks!
> Matthias

Hi Matthias,

Both Ricardo Balbinot and I have developed SIP and RTP stacks.

Ricardo & I have not yet chatted about our respective stacks. I've not yet
released mine(*), but I shall release a preliminary version hopefully this
week. It'll be on under the "Software Library" link
on the left frame. I'll send a notification as soon I've written some
documentation and the like.

Can you wait a couple days, Matthias?


(*) My stack handles most of SIP (it can't do proxying at the moment), and
it has a skeleton for the various RTP payloads which should easily allow you
to extend the stack to handle additional payload types.


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