Re: Mimeboundary of Message is always empty?

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Subject: Re: Mimeboundary of Message is always empty?
Posted by:  Ciaran Costelloe (ccostell…
Date: Fri, 2 Jul 2004

"Thomas Zangl" <usen…> wrote in message
> Hi!
> Using Indy10 I noticed that the Mimeboundary is *always* empty within
> TIdMessage after loading a message with "LoadFromStream". The
> Mimeboundary of the messageparts is empty too. (its nowhere filled in)

Indy 9 could not deal with all multiply-nested MIME parts and left the
boundaries as static strings.  Indy 10 can, and uses a stack to allow it go
down to any level of nesting.

> The Mimeboundary is correctly parsed while reading the Header from the
> Stream but, "TIdMessageDecoderMIME.ReadBody" clears the Mimeboundary
> list step-by-step as it does a "POP" on the stack.
> In Indy9 I used this property to seperate parts of a mail in the raw
> source;

That would not have worked with many current emails.

> any idea how I can do this now?

Why not just look through the MessageParts[] ?  if you really want to,
change the source to add a second stack which PUSHes but does not POP.

> Is this likley to be fixed? (a
> always empty property is useless).

I may change it to be private, but it won't help you.



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