reloading saved messages

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Subject: reloading saved messages
Posted by:  Terry Flanagan (tflanag…
Date: Mon, 19 Jul 2004

I am using the Indy package that came with D7 (slightly modified to get
content ID). I believe it's version 9.00.10. If I save a a message using the
TIdMessage.SaveToFile method and then reload the message using LoadFromFile,
I get a different number of message parts and content types. For example, if
I send a message from Outlook using an embedded image in HTML (MHTML) I get
4 message parts when first receiving the message - multipart/alternative,
text/plain, text/htnl, and the embedded image as an attachment. If I save
the message and then load it from file I get two message parts, both

How do I get the saved message to parse into the same parts when reloading
it from file?