Indy 10 compile error

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Subject: Indy 10 compile error
Posted by:  Richard Frette (richard.fret…
Date: Sun, 1 Aug 2004


I am trying to compile the latest snapshot of Indy 10 for use with
C++Builder v5 on aW2k machine and have been experiencing some problems.

I first of all received a warning:
IndyCore50.dpk(29) Warning: Package 'IndySystem50' will not be written to
disk because -J option is enabled

and then the error
IndyCore50.dpk(29) Fatal: Required Package 'IndySystem50' not found

I don't really know how to compile properly as the Indy website staes that I
need to compile IndySystem, IndyCore, IndyProtocols and IndySuperCore in
order. I don't know how to do this as I only have C++Builder 5 and no Delphi
compiler. Therefore I am attempting to follow the installation instructions
from the knowledge base which state that I need to run Fullc5.bat. However,
after downloading the dev snapshot and attempting to run Fullc5.bat (from
the Win32 folder) I noticed that some files were missing. To attempt to get
the source to compile, I took a copy of Win32 and renamed it Source and then
copied everything from all of the subfolders of lib (Core,Protocols etc) to
the Source dir. Unfortunately it was then that I came across the warning and
subsequent error as described above. Am I attempting to compile Indy for C++
Builder in the wrong way? If so how should I be compiling the source for
C++Builder 5?

Thanks in advance