stuck in TIdStackWindows.WSSelect

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Subject: stuck in TIdStackWindows.WSSelect
Posted by:  Mark Di Nicola (f…
Date: Mon, 02 Aug 2004

i'm having a bit of a problem with a TIdPOP3 component where after
longer periods of running (as in the program running non stop for a few
weeks) it will seemingly freeze and if i look at the call stack it looks
as though its getting stuck in TIdStackWindows.WSSelect. call stack as

77f82870 ntdll.dll                        NtWaitForSingleObject
750312f2 WS2_32.DLL                      select
0042c792 MoveIT.exe Idstackwindows        TIdStackWindows.WSSelect
0042a597 MoveIT.exe Idsockethandle        TIdSocketHandle.Readable
00421293 MoveIT.exe Idiohandlersocket    TIdIOHandlerSocket.Readable
0042ea5c MoveIT.exe Idtcpconnection      TIdTCPConnection.ReadFromStack
0042ee37 MoveIT.exe Idtcpconnection      TIdTCPConnection.ReadLn
00425746 MoveIT.exe Idmessageclient      TIdMessageClient.ReceiveHeader
004282dc MoveIT.exe Idpop3                TIdPOP3.Retrieve

if i follow back the call stack i can see that all those functions are
using IdTimeoutDefault so i would have though that in WSSelect it runs

Result := Select(0, @FDRead, @FDWrite, @FDError, @tmTO);

and i can't see anywhere where IdTimeoutDefault is set to

is all this likely to be caused by me stuffing something up royally or
is entirely possible its a simple problem? any ideas on where to start

i'm running bcb6 update 4 (don't have the ilink fix) and madExcept 2.7b
(although this was happening before i started using madExcept)