Problem with Indy9 - TIdMessage

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Subject: Problem with Indy9 - TIdMessage
Posted by:  Matija Mikac (matija.mik…
Date: Tue, 3 Aug 2004

I am developing an application that basically put e-mails to Firebird
database as blob fields...
So, what I need is to put TIdMessage into stream, and than insert this
stream to my DB. It looked that it works, but when I read data out of DB
(put stream back to some TIdMessage) message was not readable correctly!

It has all data in, but it looks that message parts are not interpreted
well - Count property is wrong, Attachment and TextPart counts are set to 0.

So, I thought it is about wrong insertion to database etc.

BUT, now I created simple application - it connects to POP server, retrieves
messages and puts them to TIdMessage object. For each message I create
stream using SaveToStream, and I load that stream to another TIdMessage
MessageParts differ! Subject and all simple data is OK, but message parts
are messed and I should make parsing all alone...

I also checked SaveToFile/LoadFromFile and the same problem appears!
Boundaries are changed and obviously TIdMessage cannot parse it ok...

Anyone having some suggestion?
Is that a bug or what? I will try Indy10 to see if it handles it better.
If anyone has an idea, please reply...