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Subject: Re: Problem with Indy9 - TIdMessage
Posted by:  Ciaran Costelloe (ccostell…
Date: Tue, 3 Aug 2004

"Matija Mikac" <matija.mik…> wrote in message
> I am developing an application that basically put e-mails to Firebird
> database as blob fields...
> So, what I need is to put TIdMessage into stream, and than insert this
> stream to my DB. It looked that it works, but when I read data out of DB
> (put stream back to some TIdMessage) message was not readable correctly!
> It has all data in, but it looks that message parts are not interpreted
> well - Count property is wrong, Attachment and TextPart counts are set to
> So, I thought it is about wrong insertion to database etc.
> BUT, now I created simple application - it connects to POP server,
> messages and puts them to TIdMessage object. For each message I create
> stream using SaveToStream, and I load that stream to another TIdMessage
> object.
> MessageParts differ! Subject and all simple data is OK, but message parts
> are messed and I should make parsing all alone...
> I also checked SaveToFile/LoadFromFile and the same problem appears!
> Boundaries are changed and obviously TIdMessage cannot parse it ok...
> Anyone having some suggestion?
> Is that a bug or what? I will try Indy10 to see if it handles it better.

Indy10 was redesigned so that SaveToFile/LoadfromFile are compatible, it
should sort you out.




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