NT Services, user interface, socket errors

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Subject: NT Services, user interface, socket errors
Posted by:  David Perkins (please@no-spam.com)
Date: Fri, 06 Aug 2004


I'm using Wininet and an Indy SMTP component to send email from an NT
service.  The SMTP sends via dial-up (via the LAN) emails with large
attachments (~500kb).

Every couple of days or so, my NT service stops responding.  This always
seems to happen shortly after I get an exception, which I catch:

    Socket Error # 10060

The program will do some more processing, but when it again tries to
send an email it sometimes stops responding (not every time, I might add).

My Theory:  could indy/winsock be displaying an error message, and,
since the app's a service it brings everything to a grinding halt (since
there's no user interface).  Is this possible?  Do (can) they operate in
silent mode?  Does indy/winsock display it's own error messages in some

This is only happening on one client site and I cannot reproduce it on
my dev kit.  it seems that my only alternative is to deploy a normal
windows app with a gui and insist they log on to their server to run it.
    This way, I should be able to see any error messages, assuming my
theory is correct.