Correct version of Indy9

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Subject: Correct version of Indy9
Posted by:  Mike (ne…
Date: Wed, 11 Aug 2004

Hello all,

I hope I've placed this message in the correct group.  I've been using Indy
9 (specifically the "Version" tab in the project options for dclindy70.dpk
is  I believe this is the most up to date build of version 9.  Am
I correct?

I went to the IndyPortal and fown the download link for
"" and downloaded and installed it.

My concern is with IdMultiPartFormData.pas.  I'm building some unit tests
which need to pull a web form generated in my isapi, fill in test data and
post the data back to the server.

In using to read up on how to post form data using indy, I
ran across several messages indicating some bugs related to formatting the
data appeared earlier this year.

How do I ensure I'm working on the most up to date build of Indy9.

Does this build have a properly functioning IdMultiPartFormData.pas unit or
do I need to patch it.

I know I could go to the cvs repository to retrieve the "latest" checked in
source; however, I don't have a cvs client installed on my machine and would
prefer to use official releases as aposed to development releases.