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Subject: Re: Correct version of Indy9
Posted by:  Remy Lebeau (TeamB) (
Date: Thu, 12 Aug 2004

"Mike" <ne…> wrote in message

> I've been using Indy 9 (specifically the "Version" tab in
> the project options for dclindy70.dpk is  I
> believe this is the most up to date build of version 9.
> Am I correct?

9.0.14 is the current release version, but it has not been updated in over a
year.  The current development snapshot version is 9.0.17, and is the active

> I went to the IndyPortal and fown the download link
> for "" and downloaded and
> installed it.

You should install the snapshot instead.

> My concern is with IdMultiPartFormData.pas.

That file has undergone several revisions in the past year.  You are using
an outdated version.

> In using to read up on how to
> post form data using indy, I ran across several
> messages indicating some bugs related to formatting
> the data appeared earlier this year.

They have already been addressed.

> How do I ensure I'm working on the most up to date build of Indy9.

Why always installing the latest snapshot instead of the release version.

> I know I could go to the cvs repository to retrieve the
> "latest" checked in source; however, I don't have a cvs
> client installed on my machine

You don't need one.  Indy snapshots are available via HTTP and FTP mirrors
as well as CVS.  Besides, the CVS client is a free download anyway.

> and would prefer to use official releases as
> aposed to development releases.

Then you are not going to have the latest version as the official release is
over a year outdated.  Active development is always in the snapshots,
especially with most of the focus on Indy 10 right now, so Indy 9 doesn't
receive much attention anymore except for occasional bug fixes only.




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