Indy 10 Suggestion

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Subject: Indy 10 Suggestion
Posted by:  Pierre Roux (pier…
Date: Sat, 21 Aug 2004

Would it be possible to have, additional to the Development Snapshot, a 'it
compiles'-version of Indy 10 available?  I've been having really bad luck in
that since the first time I've downloaded it untill now I've never managed
to get a version that compiles, except for once.

The last two I've downloaded (20 and 21 August) has no working TCP based
componants to the following error:
[Error] IdStreamVCLBase.pas(181): Cannot override a static method
[Error] IdStreamVCLBase.pas(204): Not enough actual parameters
[Fatal Error] IdStream.pas(199): Could not compile used unit