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Subject: Encoding message subject
Posted by:  Pier Alberto GUIDOTTI (pguidotti@#remove_this#analysisbo.it)
Date: Mon, 23 Aug 2004

I'm using INDY 10.0.19 and VB.NET to develop a send mail procedure.
I'm having some trouble when message subject contains characters like à,è,ò
(which are used very often in italian). They are sent as '?'.
I was not able to make the subject encoded in the proper way. Here is the
code I use to build the message:

msg = New Indy.Sockets.IndyMessage.Message
msg.From.Address = senderAddress
msg.From.Name = senderName
msg.ContentType = "multipart/alternate"
msg.CharSet = "iso-8859-1"
msg.ContentTransferEncoding = "Base64"
msg.Encoding = Indy.Sockets.IndyMessage.MessageEncoding.meMIME

I tried to use the EncodeHeader function to get an encoded version of the
subject, but it seems no to work.

Thanks in advance

Pier Alberto GUIDOTTI