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Subject: Indy is....
Posted by:  PC (
Date: Fri, 1 Oct 2004


Iv been trying to make these Indy components work.. for almost half a year..
Still having problems, with Client threads timing out, numerous strange
crashes, basically jsut a nightmare, with my company was getting more and
more annoyed with me - because of them! I personally think they are Too
complex for their own good. This is with Delphi 7 and Indy 9.
Iv moved over to WSockets by Robert T. Palmqvist. These components.. are
Wonderful - they Never crash, alot easier to understand, & iv moved all of
my indy components (TCP and UDP client and servers) over to them with
minimal fuss - all the problems have instantly dissappeared, and the clients
are staying connected for weeks at a time now without any problems.. if Only
I had used These first i would of saved Months of messing about with indy.

This is just my personally experience with them, dont take it as Gospel, im
sure those of you who can get Indy working will not loose heart... but I
know what all my LAN applications will be using from now on.

Mr Phil Ccockram BSc.

Head Windows Developer and Software Engineer.
Fire Alarm Electronics Ltd.