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Subject: Re: Indy is....
Posted by:  Jason Southwell (jas…
Date: Fri, 1 Oct 2004

> Iv been trying to make these Indy components work.. for almost half a
> year..  Still having problems, with Client threads timing out,

Then you probably should have been seeking some external help.  There
are plenty of resources you could have used.  IndyExperts or any of
several thousand other sucessful developers who would be willing to

If you struggle with Indy, then there is likely something wrong in your
approach, not necessarily in the component set.  I like many other
developers who have been using Indy since back in the WinShoes days are
very comfortable putting together indy apps quickly and with little or
no troubles.

> numerous strange crashes, basically jsut a nightmare, with my company
> was getting more and more annoyed with me - because of them! I
> personally think they are Too complex for their own good. This is

IMHO, Indy is probably the easiest to use socket library out there.  If
you found them complex, either you were trying too hard or your
approach was wrong from the start.  Regardless, you've moved on and I
wish you success with your new library.

> problems have instantly dissappeared, and the clients are staying
> connected for weeks at a time now without any problems.. if Only I

If your application architecture requires someone to stay connected for
weeks, then you have a serious problem in your core design.



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