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Subject: Re: Indy is....
Posted by:  Rhys Sage (abu…@
Date: Fri, 01 Oct 2004

PC wrote:
> Hi,
> Iv been trying to make these Indy components work.. for almost half a year..
> Still having problems, with Client threads timing out, numerous strange
> crashes, basically jsut a nightmare, with my company was getting more and
> more annoyed with me - because of them! I personally think they are Too
> complex for their own good. This is with Delphi 7 and Indy 9.
> Iv moved over to WSockets by Robert T. Palmqvist. These components.. are
> Wonderful - they Never crash, alot easier to understand, & iv moved all of
> my indy components (TCP and UDP client and servers) over to them with
> minimal fuss - all the problems have instantly dissappeared, and the clients
> are staying connected for weeks at a time now without any problems.. if Only
> I had used These first i would of saved Months of messing about with indy.
> This is just my personally experience with them, dont take it as Gospel, im
> sure those of you who can get Indy working will not loose heart... but I
> know what all my LAN applications will be using from now on.

Well, I can't even get Indy 10 to install and the instructions are no
help whatsoever. Indy 9 worked - but only with the auto-installer. The
Indy-10 version is so ancient on the auto-install download that it's
unusable. As far as Indy 10 the latest version is concerned - that too
is totally unusable by virtue of the fact it won't even install.

I had a look at wsockets and wasn't that impressed as it doesn't have
the bits I want.

ICS is OK except that the telnet component crops all the lines of text
and there's no way I've found to counteract this.

Well, I guess you get what you pay for in this world - pay nothing and
get nothing.



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