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Subject: Re: BCB6 generated header problem
Posted by:  Remy Lebeau (TeamB) (
Date: Wed, 27 Oct 2004

"Andrew" <andr…> wrote in message

> I've successfully compiled Indy10 packages on C++Builder 6 but
> when I try to compile a simple application BCB stops on errors
> from the IdWinSock2.hpp (generated) header . How can I fix this ?

The IdWinSock2 unit is not yet fully compatible with BCB at this time.

> typedef TWSAProtocol_InfoW *LPWSAProtocol_InfoW;

Was TWSAProtocol_InfoW defined prior to the typedef?

> typedef int __stdcall (*TWSAEnumProtocolsAProc)(System::PInteger
> lpiProtocols, PWSAProtocol_InfoA lpProtocolBuffer, unsigned
> &lpdwBufferLength);

Was PWSAProtocol_InfoA defined prior to the typedef?

> [C++ Error] IdWinSock2.hpp(370): E2257 , expected
> [C++ Error] IdWinSock2.hpp(726): E2303 Type name expected

Please specify where the errors are actually occuring.



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