GetGMTDateByName is broken

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Subject: GetGMTDateByName is broken
Posted by:  Vadim Yakovlev (noma…@nohost)
Date: Tue, 30 Nov 2004

Indy 10.0.52

Windows version part of function GetGMTDateByName in IdGlobalProtocols.pas
is broken.

First, it is limited by {$IFDEF WINDOWS} directive, but conditional define
is not defined neither in Delphi nor in Indy, so this part is never
compiled, and function will
always return uninitialized result.
May be it should be {$IFDEF MSWINDOWS}, but I don't know if MSWINDOWS is
defined in .Net or not - we don't need this code to be compiled there.

Second, even if it will be compiled, function will return uninitialized
result if the file doesn't exist
or if it is a directory.