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Subject: Re: Indy 10 auto-install download
Posted by:  Jack Mays (jackmays…
Date: Sun, 26 Dec 2004

"Solomon Grundy" <nobo…> wrote in message
>I just tried the Indy 10.x auto-install download from the atozed website.
>It didn't work. It failed to install. It came up with an error saying that
>it couldn't find the path for some file or other and then went through its
>annoying little installation sequence, failing dismally to install

The installer is fairly new and already outdated with fixes from the VCS.
You should really get the Indy 10 sources (read: latest development snapshot
from VCS) and compile the packages normally.  Also, saying "it doesn't work
cause it can't find files" says nothing about the files it can't find or
what actual error you are getting.

> That pretty much sums up my experience of Indy - dismal.

Then you don't have enough experience with Indy in the first place.


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