Re: Installing Indy 9.0.18 in Delphi 9

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Subject: Re: Installing Indy 9.0.18 in Delphi 9
Posted by:  Johan Stokking (joh…
Date: Tue, 28 Dec 2004

Ok, it works now. I modified the installation of Delphi 9 and installed Indy
9. Then I changed the library path from $(BDS)\Lib\Indy 9 to the source
directory of Indy 9.0.18. When I call the GetVersion method of an Indy
component, I get 9.0.18 so my problem should be solved. I hope that this is
a "legal" way to install Indy 9.0.18.

"Johan Stokking" <joh…> wrote in message
>I try to install Indy 9.0.18 in Delphi 9, but I can't get this to work.
> Building of Indy70.dpk gives no problems, just a few warnings and hints.
> But when I try to install dclIndy70.dpk, I get an error that rtl70 can not
> be loaded because it contains ZLib (rtl90 contains ZLib already).
> I hope there is a solution for this. Thanks in advance!
> Johan Stokking



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