Problems after installing Indy10 on Delphi7

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Subject: Problems after installing Indy10 on Delphi7
Posted by:  Giorgio Forti (g.for…
Date: 12/31/2004 3:34:29 AM

I'm writing an application using Delphi7.
From this application i need to send some e-mail.

I had, installed from Delphi, an old version of Indy components.
Yesterday i'm gone to the website and i downloaded Indy 10 (installer),
Sources, Help, installing instructions.

I completely removed the old Indy version (packages from Delphi,
files from the HD).

I launched the installer and then

"Open and compile in the following order:
2. IndySystem (in Lib\System)
3. IndyCore (in Lib\Core)
4. IndyProtocols (in Lib\Protocols)
Now open and click install in the following order
6. dclIndyCore (in Lib\Core)
7. dclIndyProtocols (in Lib\Protocols)"

I downloaded the new demos for version 10 (SendMail), but,
when i try to compile this demo propgram, i always obtain this error:

"[Fatal Error] Main.pas(38):
Unit IdContext was compiled with a different version of

I have no idea of what error i made installing the new version.

Someone can help?

Giorgio Forti