Re: Problems after installing Indy10 on Delphi7

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Subject: Re: Problems after installing Indy10 on Delphi7
Posted by:  Johan Stokking (joh…
Date: Sun, 2 Jan 2005

Remove all the DCU files from the directories with the Indy sources.
Compile your project. All Indy units you use in your project will be
compiled again.

Good luck!

"Giorgio Forti" <g.for…> wrote in message
> I'm writing an application using Delphi7.
> From this application i need to send some e-mail.
> I had, installed from Delphi, an old version of Indy components.
> Yesterday i'm gone to the website and i downloaded Indy 10 (installer),
> Sources, Help, installing instructions.
> I completely removed the old Indy version (packages from Delphi,
> files from the HD).
> I launched the installer and then
> "Open and compile in the following order:
> 2. IndySystem (in Lib\System)
> 3. IndyCore (in Lib\Core)
> 4. IndyProtocols (in Lib\Protocols)
> Now open and click install in the following order
> 6. dclIndyCore (in Lib\Core)
> 7. dclIndyProtocols (in Lib\Protocols)"
> I downloaded the new demos for version 10 (SendMail), but,
> when i try to compile this demo propgram, i always obtain this error:
> "[Fatal Error] Main.pas(38):
> Unit IdContext was compiled with a different version of
> IdSocketHandle.TIdSocketHandle".
> I have no idea of what error i made installing the new version.
> Someone can help?
> Giorgio Forti



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