Email address in TIdIrc source code

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Subject: Email address in TIdIrc source code
Posted by:  Steve Williams (stevewillia…
Date: Mon, 17 Jan 2005

I had posted this in indy.protocol.irc, but that group seemed to be almost dead.

I am the author of TIrcClient upon which TIdIrc was based (without my knowledge many years ago).  As a credit to the original author, my name and email address is in the source file for TIdIrc.  As nice as the credit is, it means that I get emails addressed directly to me asking for support for TIdIrc.  It was through one of these emails that I discovered TIdIrc was based on my old TIrcClient component that was written for Francois Piette's ICS component suite.

Can my email address please be removed from the source file for TIdIrc?  I have never used Indy and can not offer support for these people who email me directly.  It's fine to keep my name there as due credit, but having the email address in there means I get asked for support, which I cannot give.

Thank you.

Steve 'Sly' Williams