Compile the last Snapshot impossible ...

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Subject: Compile the last Snapshot impossible ...
Posted by:  Rémi Mévaere (remiii…
Date: Thu, 10 Feb 2005


I had a problem with a older snapshot,
the problem was a acces violation
with Tidimap and Tidpop3

I want to compile the new snapshot but ...
Two problems ...


With the System Packages :

procedure AppendString(var VBytes: TIdBytes; AStr: String; ALength: Integer
= -1);
[Erreur] IdGlobal.pas(2945): La déclaration de 'AppendString' diffère de la
déclaration précédente

The declared procedure is
procedure AppendString(var VBytes: TIdBytes; const AStr: String; ALength:
Integer = -1);

Second probleme with protocol package :

[Erreur] IdIMAP4Server.pas(610): Directive inconnue : 'virtual'

function TIdIMAP4Server.CreateReplyUnknownCommand: TIdReply; virtual;
  Result := TIdReplyIMAP4.Create(nil, ReplyTexts);
  Result.SetReply('BAD', 'Unknown command'); {do not localize}

Cant compile ... Unknow directive...

thanks for your answers