Re: Help installing Indy 10 in Delphi 4

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Subject: Re: Help installing Indy 10 in Delphi 4
Posted by:  Remy Lebeau (TeamB) (
Date: Thu, 10 Feb 2005

"Chisolm Wilson" <…> wrote in message

> I've downloaded the Indy 'source' for Delphi4 (since the
> Installer apparently only works with Delphi 5 and later)

D4 is no longer supported.

> When I try to open packages (.dpk files) and compile them,
> I get errors and they won't compile.

The files you are trying to compile contain package references that are for
D6+, not D4.  My guess would be that someone copied the D6 files and then
renamed them without actually updating the contents properly.

> --I try to compile  core\dclIndyCore40    ...and it doesn't know what
> "designide" is.

DesignIDE was introduced in D6.

> --Same for  core\Indycore40  .. can't find "rtl"

See above.

> pss  I've also tried installing Indy 9, but that doesn't work either.

Just saying it does not work says nothing about the actual problems you are



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