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Subject: Re: SSL under kylix3
Posted by:  Jason Southwell (jas…
Date: Wed, 23 Feb 2005

> im a lil bit angry. even after 3 weeks i didnt got any response for
> my question in the appropriate newsgroup, how i can get ssl working
> under kylix3 with indy, or where to get the indy-ssl-libs for linux.
> the only thing i got (and others too which asked) is some advertising
> from a non-indy company!!!

I'm assuming you are talking about intellicom?  It's not advertising
for them.  They are a company located in an area where exporting high
encryption is not restricted so they are nice enough to host the
libraries for the IndyProject.  Otherwise, you would not have access to
them at all.

Outside of intellicom, I'm not sure of a way to get a  hold of the
libraries. And I just noticed that Intellicom's site is down at the
moment.  But when it comes back, you can use this link.

Jason Southwell

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