Re: Indy 9 Manual Install for BCB

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Subject: Re: Indy 9 Manual Install for BCB
Posted by:  Fern (fern…
Date: Tue, 8 Mar 2005

Hi Malcolm,

I wish more BCB users used Indy 10 since it has more features than version 9
and so that we can have a larger comunity of BCB users using Indy 10.  The
install is pretty simple to do.  There are lots of modifications to the
classes which means that projects using Indy 9 have to be modified.

I've been using Indy 10 for a few internet tasks in my apps and it works
just fine under BCB5 and BCB6.  My original installation is about 6 months
old and I just reformatted my computer and decided to download and install
the latest Indy 10 version.

In regards to Indy 9, have you looked at the document titled "How do I
install Indy into Borland C++ Builder"?  I remember using that document when
I had installed Indy 9.





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