File Attachment in Indy 10 Mail Client demo is not working

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Subject: File Attachment in Indy 10 Mail Client demo is not working
Posted by:  Chuck Belanger (phytote…
Date: Fri, 11 Mar 2005


Very new to Indy. Please bear with me.

Using Indy 10 SMTP for simple email within a database app with reports
attached for church members.

Used the mail client demo to set everything up, but files were not
attached, but their MIME encoding (or whatever it is) was embeded in the
message. The Demo itself did this, too, so I wasn't doing anything
different. Any tips on how to set this up?

Yesterday, I reviewed all the NG messages on the issue that I could
find. Seems that many have issues with Attachments. Some were just
differences between Indy 9 and 10.

One person suggested (assuming I understood it) that the
OnCreateAttachment event needed to be used otherwise the attachment is
to "message parts." The demo doesn't use the OnCreateAttachment event.
Is this the problem?

In another email I noticed that ContentType was specifically set and it
is not in the ResetAttachmentView routine of the demo. Could this be the

BTW, where is a list of the ContentTypes and there sub definitions? I
found the main list of Text...Multipart, but not the sub headings. (I
saw Text/plain or HTML being used).

For instance what is a PDF file that I wish to attach?

Still another email talked about MIME boundries. Is that a problem? or I
noticed a heading, "Content-Disposition: inline" in that email. Does
this need setting?


Chuck Belanger

p.s. I'd love to learn more about this, but how? Sounds like the ebook
doesn't necessarily cover this information and the demos are pretty
basic. Anywhere else?

WinXP Professional, SP1
Delphi 7
Dial up connection